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Tianjin Prosperous Trading Co., Ltd., a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and factory of an extensive range of industrial chemicals, introduces its premium quality Ammonium Chloride. Widely used in various industries, Ammonium Chloride is a highly soluble inorganic salt that finds its utility as a nitrogen source in fertilizers, as a flux in metal refining, as a food additive, and even in medical applications. Our Ammonium Chloride stands out for its superior quality, purity, and effectiveness, ensuring efficient performance and desired results. It is produced using the finest raw materials and advanced technology, ensuring strict adherence to quality standards. Our Ammonium Chloride is highly appreciated by our clients for its long shelf life, precise composition, and safe usage. At Tianjin Prosperous Trading Co., Ltd., we are committed to delivering eco-friendly and safe chemicals for various applications. Order your Ammonium Chloride requirements today from the leading chemical supplier in China.
  • Introducing our high-quality Ammonium Chloride product, a white crystalline salt commonly used in several industrial and laboratory applications. With a chemical formula of NH4Cl, our Ammonium Chloride is chemically stable and has a high level of purity, making it suitable for various uses. One of the primary uses of Ammonium Chloride is as an ingredient in fertilizers. It provides a valuable source of nitrogen for plants, which is essential for their growth and development. It is also used in the production of dry cell batteries, as a flux in the soldering of metals, and as a food additive for regulating the pH balance of certain foods. Our Ammonium Chloride has undergone rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that it meets the highest industry standards. It is available in different grades and packages, making it possible to meet the specific needs of your application. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide advice and guide you towards the best product for your requirements. Choose our Ammonium Chloride product for top-notch quality and reliable performance. Whether you're in the agricultural, manufacturing, or food industry, our Ammonium Chloride will deliver excellent results every time. Order now and enjoy the benefits of our premium quality product.
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