Potassium Chloride (MOP) in Potassium Fertilizers

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Item Powder  Granular Crystal
Purity   98% min 98% min 99% min
Potassium Oxide(K2O) 60% min 60% min 62% min
Moisture 2.0% max 1.5% max 1.5% max
Ca+Mg / / 0.3% max
NaCL / / 1.2% max
Water Insoluble / / 0.1% max



Product Description

Potassium chloride (commonly referred to as Muriate of Potash or MOP) is the most common potassium source used in agriculture, accounting for about 98% of all potash fertilisers used worldwide. MOP has a high nutrient concentration and is therefore relatively price competitive with other forms of potassium. The chloride content of MOP can also be beneficial where soil chloride is low. Recent research has shown that chloride improves yield by increasing disease resistance in crops. In circumstances where soil or irrigation water chloride levels are very high, the addition of extra chloride with MOP can cause toxicity. However, this is unlikely to be a problem, except in very dry environments, since chloride is readily removed from the soil by leaching.

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